01-tranen 02-vuur 03-put 04-aarde
07-perdu 08-nourrir 05-abondance 06-dralen
09-jeuk 10-stollen    

A series images, collages of photos and text, brought together intuitively.
“For each metaphore I seek two photos that, placed side by side, comment on each other and create a new image with its own significance. Than, spontaneously, words appear to me, beautiful words, sometimes French, sometimes Dutch. If I search for translations I find other words, other meanings. As images, words can be beautiful in many ways: in sound, their calligraphy, their metaphorical sense .... But they can still dazzle, excite and arouse melancholy or a smile. By the alliance of image and text, the metaphors images are born. Bilingualism enhances the signification; the two languages are complementary.”